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who's blessing who!! It is two days after a most wonderful art reception

at the new and beautiful adult Center in Longmeadow Ma. I titled the show: the art and soul of cindylutzkornet. I worked diligently and with great purpose all summer long and amassed 40 new pieces to hang and share. I was excited all summer waiting for this wonderful event to take places. I invited loves from all my life including family, neighbors, community and club friends, and many high hearted and lovely people I have known. I told myself whichever hearts were meant to be there would be. I reminded myself not to feel sad about those who couldn't be or to take that as disinterest.

The room was filled just as I had imagined. It was so wonderful to receive interest, support and love for me and for my work. It was exciting to see how engaged people were with my work and how long they looked at different pieces. This is one of my favorite pieces from the show. I entered it in Manhattan Arts call to art on line show entitled resilience. The fairy or inner child dances freely with joy and awareness of the blessings and love that surround her. If you look closely you will find angels, fairies and gifts within the flowers.

In this next pieces this fairy shares her blessings and gifts with all who she sees. It is her hope and prayer that those blessings radiate and get passed along to more and more people. They can spiral forward and upward towards making this world a better place for us all to inhabit. I hope I do the same as often as possible with a kind and generous heart.

I just completed this piece this morning. it is two mornings after my reception. It is out of the box and freer than some of my work. I love that!!! There are some hidden messages within the piece. Feel free to ask me about them? I would love to responding chat about my philosophy and my works meanings. It is very important to know where our blessings come from. Although we may not all agree, there is a light that shines brightly within each of us. I believe It is in this space that our blessings reside.

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