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Art and Soul Short Shares


T'Bshvat Tu B'Shvat The festival of the trees today falls on the same day as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It seems like a great day for synergistic energy to join in love and caring to make our world a better, safer and happier place. For man is a tree of the field.” "Like a tree, we must constantly grow and bear fruit that will benefit those around us. And like little saplings, whatever we experience when we are young, will impact us deep into adulthood." Kintsugi

if you havent heard of the art of Kintsugi please look it up. It is such a beautiful concept concerning repairing broken items and restoring them to a state more precious and more beautiful than before. The same philosophy applies to repairing our own broken parts. We dont toss ourselfves out. We do the work. We make the repairs We emerge stronger , wiser and more beautiful.

I found it most fascinating.

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