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"Look to the Light

and you will not see the shadow." Helen Keller

My mom taught me to see the good in everyone and everything. She demonstrated it with her love, smile and way she tried to include everyone. People loved to share their stories with her. She listened with compassion and gave kind and generous responses. She was soft with a strong spirited backbone. I am grateful that I naturally followed in her footsteps.

We all live in the human condition. We see injustices all around us. We experience them in our personal lives too. I am no stranger to sadness, anxiety and grief. I have learned to utilize many tools over the years to help return to a happier more balances place in a shorter time. My art of is a major source of healing for me and for most who view it. Helping others is extremely gratifying

for me . Sharing what I have learned with those who are open to and in need of the tools is a big part of why I am here.

Walking in nature is the most natural option for healing we have. Even hugging a tree has benefits. The tree is part of a greater network of trees and other living things. It gives us energy and receives ours. I walked daily in the part when my mom was her most ill. It helped me to carry on, be strong and be able to do what I had to do.

When I learned to phrase things in the positive, I also learned to disbelieve and banish negative thoughts from my thinking. My brain hears every thought I have and believes them all to be true. Because of that knowledge, I work very hard to think positively and to feed my brain the thoughts I know I want it to hear.

The rain is stopping and the sun is beginning to peek through. I think I will go outside examine my garden, huge a tree if its not too wet and be grateful for the beauty that exists in nature and in each of us. I hope we all make it a great day!!!

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