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Give Peace a chance! In 1969 I drove a blue Volkswagen bug. I gave out yellow flowers at a concert.

I fell in love with Joni Mitchell, Jesse Colin Young, CSNY and many other who were singing about Peace and Love. Quite a summer!! I had a ticket to Woodstock but didn't go. Probably just as well!!!! Somebody might have offered me the brown acid and I might have been naive enough to say sure why not. There was a unity in the shared values of peace, love and Woodstock. I dreamt about healing the world. I along with my generation were onto something great.

I loved art and creativity always. I started making handbags that year, embroidering patches for jeans, cultivating plants, and took up patchwork quilting. I also baked lots of snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies.

I am thinking back to when I learned how important hope was for healing. I saw hospitals and Drs. take away hope my my each of my parent's, and my cousin who had lung cancer. I definitely voiced my opinion knowing how detrimental that was to their healing. In one case protocol was changed because of the way I spoke up. I did and have painted a series of paintings about hope as well.

Recently a lovely friend and neighbor lost her beloved sister. Her sister had started sketching on a canvas earlier. A few month later, I was asked to complete it and was so honored to do so. I tried to honor Hannah as I worked. I knew there was both healing and hope in the work. I felt the synergy of our combined efforts. Nora provided a beautiful quote from Elie Wiesel "every moment contains a spark of eternity". Think of that for a while...

I believe that giving peace a chance, healing the world and our youthful values are all the more relevant now in 2023. That's all I am saying!!!!

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