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Don't Put off Living your best Life in Color

I attended a shiva service last night. The first prayer began "Can we imagine a world without color? " ( It came from an reformed Jewish Prayer Book called the Gates of Prayer in 1985.

I can not imagine a world without color especially serene blue skies and seas. Nor can I imagine a world without all the healing lush greens of nature and the upcoming growing season. Take a moment to think of one color at a time and what seeing it means to you or what feeling it might evoke. I am going to do the same.

Yellow sun warm and cheerful I love to feel your kiss upon my skin. I love the way you warm me and help uplift my spirits .

Purple passion royal, regal and divine. I love you in every shade be you flowers or textiles I love you all throughout my home. If any of you would like to share what you heard please do. Thinking of those colors brought out the romantic in me.

There are so many beautiful ways to use color in life. Not everyone has to paint or draw to consider themselves an artist or lover of color. If your lunch and dinner plates are filled with rich colors and variety of fruits and vegetables, you know you are giving your body excellent nutrition.

When you get up in the morning and choose what color to wear your mood plays a great role in which ones you choose. If very tired you might chose a soft grey. Conversely if you need a huge pick up a red shirt is the ticket!!

Our gardening season is about to begin. Everywhere we look will be magnificent shades or yellow , gold and orange marigolds, daffodils, tulip and lilies. Blue will be seen in blueberries, hydrangeas, delphiniums ,pincushion and more. I am so excited to get the growing season started. I hope you are too. As always, I am happy to share my bounty with all

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