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Some people are not comfortable with what I have heard termed"Hallmark Holidays" Today is the secular holiday of Valentines Day. Roses, candy in heart shaped boxes, and Valentines cards will be purchased and delivered. Lunches and dinners will be shared. Maybe some will be lucky enough to express true and exciting romance. As for me,

I have a heart shaped pan that was my grandmothers. Surely I will be baking up some tasty love treat in it today!!! I remember making a decorated box in school to hold Valentine's cards. I agonized at times choosing the right card for the right person. We all passed them out and collected them. Every once in a while a little gift of a roll of life savers might come to say I like you a little extra. We were all supposed to give to everyone. Most of us did. But, some didnt. Even with the best of intentions some feelings were hurt. So, I am thinking that no one should be hurt today. Everyone should be loved and appreciated in some way. Each of has an abundance of never ending love to give. We can give it every day !!! It really is the most powerful of gifts we have to offer. We can offer it as freely as we like to strangers, acquaintances, friends , and family. Musicians have been singing about it for years. I have so enjoyed singing along with them. I bet you have too. I am going to go out with the intention of emitting love , kindness and support today. I HOPE IT WILL BE WELL RECEIVED AND EVEN CONTAGIOUS.!!

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