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artful change of perspective: in art and in life

Big snowstorm today on the eastern coast. How do we ( you and I) feel about it?

Happy to be inside warm and safe

cooped up with not enough fresh air

joyfully making pancakes , painting and singing

worrying we might lose power, and be cold

safe, snug and grateful

antsy, uncomfortable and unsettled

ok you see where this is going!1 If those are extremes which side will you feed, nurture and live by today? There are certainly ways in-between. I find myself looking at these two versions of the same painting and seeing how much difference changing the background made to the entire piece. Sometimes in art a line or color pop makes a huge difference. In a facial feature it really changes the expression.

So, how did the weather bring me to this blog entry? I realized a small shift in perspective can change the way we view almost anything. Our problems may not be the real problem. The real problem may be in our thinking about and choice in how we choose to handle a situation. Yes sometimes we have to do things in life we really don't want to. But most of the time we do have choices. Our positive choices help get us where we want to go. Our love, our faith , dreams and actions can surely help us create MAGIC!! This is true in our life and true in our life's ART!!!! Enjoy the storm.

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