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Blue is the Sky and Sea

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I just spent a week In Florida with a close and lovely friend. I was seeking the warmth of

golden light and the blue coolness of the sky and sea. I always view everything through the lens of my artistry and my spirituality. There is something so calming and serene about the beach. It seems to be a place where all people relax no matter what their beliefs, experiences and biases are. There is a peaceful power there that inspires introspection, and even a trust that all is well with the world at those moments. I feel a sense of belonging to something so much bigger and the mystery in it. I want to salute to the sun, dance with the sea and dig my way to China with the children on the beach!!

It is the way the the light reflects between the air and the sea that creates the shades of blue. The shallow water showed me a lighter blue as I bent over and searched for treasures such as heart shaped rocks , shells and pieces of sea glass. As the water gets deeper it appears darker and again more mysterious. Every time I go to the beach I draw the names of loved ones passed in the sand close to the shoreline. I believe each soul knows my heart is with them and that they are being honored at this peaceful earthly spot. At some point my etchings are washed away. I love that they still exist in time forever.

PONDER on this!!! let me know what you think!!

Baby boys are dressed in light Blue and more Powerful Clergy or Spiritual Leaders are robed in deep and dark Blues. So where does the comfort that only blue jeans can provide and the sadness of singing the blues fit in? Why is blue light associated with healing? The 5th Chakra is the lungs and relates to communication. Isn't it all so fascinating? Share your thoughts and your knowledge.

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