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Chicken or egg, self care or self awareness

In order to practice self care, I realize I must have self awareness. Without self awareness I can not grow and meet my personal goals. I understand without self awareness, self care and the ability to self evaluate, I probably wont be happy. I might be depressed, anxious, have stomach aches, overeat, or be sleep deprived. Others might be able to affect the way I feel about myself, push past my boundaries for their own benefit or take advantage of my good nature. I might make a lot of excuses, repeat negative patterns, have outbursts or even say unkind things.

Luckily, I have been growth oriented for as long as I can remember. In college I took a course in education of the self through the use of videotape. That and the times set me on a growth path. I subscribed to a magazine called human potential . I was so disappointed when they stopped publishing it. Research suggests 95% of people think that they are self aware. In reality, only10 to 15% are!! Where do you think you might fit in to that formula?

I have participated in dozens of different growth oriented experiences and seminars. Some of the best were Julia Cameron's The Artist Way, Marcia Wieder's Dream Mastery, Marianne Williamson a course in miracles, The Art of Kintsugi, as well as many growth oriented classes with artistic pieces. If you are interested ask me about them. I would be happy to share.

In order to care for myself, I must be able to tune into myself, observe my feelings and what triggers them. I must recognize what my needs are in different scenarios. It has been important to know what my strengths are as well as areas I need to grow in. So, I observe and try to silence any judgement or inner negativity. If I hear myself being too critical while I am creating I might take a break. I might silence that voice and reframe in a more positive way. Today i made a tie front sweater out of one of my vida scarves. I keep saying" I know I can do this. " I was so excited when I finished. I started to do the I did it dance. I danced too soon. I had sewn one of the sleeves on inside out!!! I found a creative way to remedy that and I learned that sometimes I need to slow down!!

Think positive.

See the good in everyone

Believe in miracles

Teach only Love

Look for Synchronicity

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