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Colours of cindylutzkornet

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

the two comments I hear most often about my work are "I love the colors" and " they make me feel peaceful and relaxed". I love all colors, but the muted mid values speak loud enough for me. The ones I choose are representative of my soul. We ( my colors, soul and self) are strong but soft. Periodically I like to make books of series of work. The composite colors work very well together. They sit peacefully without overpowering one another. I like that in my relationships with human beings too!!!

The first book shown on the right contains a few of my early works. Much came from an abstract expressionist class with renown artist Robert Burridge. The class was less than two weeks after my dad passed. I wasn't certain how well I would do emotionally at a 5 day intensive. I gave myself permission to rest, come and go as needed and to even come home if I needed to.

I took my beloved teddy bear Julie of 50 years with me and off we went. I seat belted her into the passenger seat and she was my little companion. The trip and class were a wonderful healing , growthful adventure that surely changed and elevated my work. The class also brought my awareness of my color sense to the forefront. Robert invented his own version of the color wheel and clearly depicted what each combination would look like. Even though that was almost 3 years ago, I still consult that wheel.

The bottom book was much of the work I created in the first two months of Covid. I committed to a work a day. I had no idea how long it would last. I stuck with it daily and created a few hundred smalls which are matted. Those will be added to my gallery at some point soon.

I asked myself what was happening in heaven when so many souls were passing at one time. The painting on the lower left is a mountain of souls. When I zoomed in , I could see hands reaching in both directions asking for help and outstretched in a welcoming way. The mountain is darker on the botton representing the human condition. It lightens it's way to the top depicting the light of heaven. There are a few purples and blues in the composite with a higher deeper value . Again, I believe all the work sits peacefully together. If I lined up many books I know that would not change!!

Some colors are seasonal and some represent emotions clearly. Sunshine speaks in yellows oranges and pink. Rain speaks grey, blue grey , and even black. Blue can be cool and calming and sometimes it represents sadness. These are all wonderful things for children to learn young. Add white to any color and it will lighten. Add Black and it will deepen.

With so many values it is easy to paint a painting with one two or three colors total. Children love the magic of food coloring water and paper cups. It's so exciting to see red and blue poured together to become purple. Same for yellow and blue and yellow and red. There is a wonderful little book called little blue and little yellow that teaches how to make green by their hugging. Such a sweet and emotional way to learn about color. I started all of my preschool and kindergarten classes with that story. We would often move on to a book entitled Pezzitino which means the little piece. Each creature or being was comprised of so many colorful pieces. Each with their own unique combination. The story colorfully teaches we are each whole and beautiful on our own.

one important additional share:

Many artists experience synesthesia. Senses merge at times. During reiki , I see green in my mind's eye to let me know the person and I are receiving healing . Each Chakra or energy center in the body is associated with a specific color. During a craniosacral session I felt and saw in my mind's eye a bright lighted ethereal feeling Simultaneously the words art and soul breathed through my gut. The practitioner said "there’s your spirit!”

What a colorful feeling and gift.

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