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creativity and nature

Yesterday my husband and I took a long cold walk in Forest Park. I was on a mission to find sticks to use for creating wishing wands. I found several and was able to begin joining them today with herkimer diamond and other crystals. They were gifted to me by a friend who forages them and is going to take me with her soon to find treasures for my work.

I also found dried foliage on a tulip tree . I was very excited about this as I never knew a tree such as that existed. My husband who is extremely interested in trees pointed that out to me. Thanks Lou for that gift!!! When I got home, I painted them and a few other treasures from our walk and used them in winter arrangements. I now have a jar full of wands ready to wrap wire, beads and treasures around. I am excited to see how they develop, which gifts they will adorn, and what I will do with them. Definitely a wonderful activity to do with children and nature lovers.

G-d renews creation every day. We are the co-creators. Most artists create daily. I create daily.

I love making art with outdoor found objects such as these I am speaking of today. Please share your creations with me. I would love to see them!!!

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