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Don't wait till you are old to wear purple

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

I love the color purple!!! I love every shade whether lilac, magenta, mauve, eggplant, orchid or wine. Purple to me seems ethereal, free spirited, light , airy, deep and passionate. I suppose the meaning of purple is different in different cultures. For example, purple can be a symbol of royalty and wealth.

Purple is a secondary color creating by combining red and blue. White lightens and black darkens. I love mixing purples and greens as you can see in this painting. This combination makes me smile inside, feel happy and uplifted. Although I have read purple is not often found in nature, I would say purple is always the dominant color in my gardens, clothing and accessories. As for food grapes, cabbage, eggplant, plums and even potatoes are regularly available. For baking, food coloring and embellishments offer easy ways to create and use purple. Ok. Now I am dreaming of cake with beautiful purple frosting Lets not forget lavender ice cream!!!

FYI Lavender spray is terrific in linen closets and on your pillow to help get a relaxing sleep.

Have you ever heard of the indigo generation?

It is a fascinating topic to ponder and consider.

Since purple is considered by some to be deeply spiritual , some think in parapsychology they are a generation of children who are born with special and unique healing abilities. I certainly hope its true because the world sure does need a lot of love healing and 7th chakra influence!!

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