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HOPE is part of resilience and leads to positive ACTION

When I am worried, sad or anticipating something that has the potential to not turn out well, I know it is best to think positively and call on the feeling of hope that lives within my heart and body. Hope really can and does inspire action. When teaching art, I always would tell students: "mistakes are opportunities and even gifts." Mistakes can take work in a new direction. The outcome may be more exciting, powerful and actually better!! If a student said "I cant do it", I would reply "its is ok to say: I"ve never done it before, and if I try I might just be able to do it." When they of course did it I had an I did it dance for them to enjoy. This is a perfect example of how a positive shift in attitude inspired hope and even raised confidence.

Another way I feel inspired or hopeful is by spending time with like hearted, positive thinkers When I walk with a close friend, we share stories, offer positive suggestions for growth and change and both feel lighter and more hopeful than before our walk. We part ways looking forward to our next visit knowing there will be more of the same.

It is healthy to be on teams or in groups where people share a common vision and are donating energy towards worthy causes. When a friend asked me to create a painting for a fund raiser to support Ukraine, I sprang into action. It was given and received in the same spirit. It was a natural way for me to contribute. It was one of the detail that helped bring people together and make the event a lovely success.

Hope can also enhance coping skills. In the hospital, I witnessed a medical professional telling a patient who just came out of a gruesome surgery "well Mr.___ you will have a few rounds of radiation and then chemo therapy. I watched the life and hope drain out of the patients face. I asked the nurse why they would say such a thing moments after surgery when it would take a week for biopsy to come back. She replied" it's protocol" . Time to change protocol!! As it turned out that patient never had any need for either therapy. No professional should ever take hope from any child, student, patient or client. It would be better if they had a way to encourage or inspire more hope. Hope can give strength and energy.

Hope contributes to happy chemistry and helps move energy in an upward spiral. It inspires a desire to move forward, carry on and look for a brighter, happier outcome or future.

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