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I See, Hear, Feel, Touch, Taste and Smell my purpose.

"My art represents the way I see and feel in the physical world as well as what I trust to believe is true in the spirit realm.

I view and utilize the creative process as a healing vehicle and roadmap for healthy expression. My objective is to create art that is hopeful, uplifting ,inspires courage and even JOY. It is my deep desire to help bridge the gap from the human condition on earth to a spiritual place in the higher realms."

I remember knowing as a young child, I came into the world to make my parents life happy. I was sensitive , strong , capable and perseverant. In those early years, I had no idea that others would judge me, want to push me down or affect my self imagine in any way. I was able to carry that innocence at least all the way through elementary school. I also remember feeling very compassionate towards others that didn't seem to

feel the same way. One year, the teacher sat me next to a girl that probably no one would choose to sit by. I understood she chose me because she knew i would be kind. Truth is I did not want to sit next to her either, but I was kind to her.

In middle school, I remember hearing a voice whisper in my gut "I want to be an artist." I never told anyone but I never forgot it.

As i have mentioned in other blogs, for decades I focused on personal growth, living purposefully and wholly and being the best version of myself I could be.

I knew it was up to me to take the lead and forge my way to this purpose. It took strength, courage, perseverance and dignity to stay on track. There were times I did doubt my abilities, but I found ways to get myself back on track. I have always been willing to share anything I have learned with others if it could help them as well. At this point , I can only share when I deeply care and know the person is opened to the information and process.

All of my work lead me to know and be able to say out loud "I am and artist". My purpose was and is to create , teach and market art. I lived and breathed for growth thru the creative process. I have lived my life holding close that knowledge and it spills over into my gardening, cooking, eating , relationships and conversations.

All senses are engaged !!!

So I ask you to think about your life, purpose and where you are on your path. Who or what wisdom guides your path and shines a light for you? I am opened to a conversation about this with you if you are interested.

Highest and Best! Cindy

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