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To me the sun represents warmth, light and vibrant energy. I want to bask in its light. The sun signifies a beach day or a day to play out side. When I am out in the sun I feel happy and cheerful. I need sunlight as much as gardens need that light along with water of course to grow. If the sun is too bright and intense it burns my skin , overheats me and makes me want to run for shade. I think the same is true in painting. Yellow is know to be the happiest of all colors. Van Gogh absolutely loved its vibrancy and intensity. Yellow vibes are meant to suggest light happiness and great energy. Yellow roses mean friendship. Yet, yellow rooms can cause babies to cry and people to argue. It is a grab your attention color and can actually raise anxiety if intense in value.

I read that the sun actually looks white from space. One of my favorite quotes is "the tree of life has its roots in heaven" I recently learned the roots are considered to be golden. Golden roots signify wealth and abundance. The golden color has also been associated with MAGIC. That excites me. I am in pursuit of the magic of life!!!

With all that being said, why is a yellow streak, and the color yellow associated with cowardly actions and behavior? Research has some explanations dating back to the middle ages. There has been an explanation symbolizing the yoke of an egg.

When I use yellow I most always will use purple which is opposite on the color wheel. There is yellow in green and yellow in orange. So many shades to consider. What does yellow represent to you and how does it make you feel?

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