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on earth as it is in heaven

This painting SAME ROOTS

uses bobbin, spools of thread,

collage ,acrylic paint, pen and ink to express

that we all come from the same roots, we are

all held in the same hands. There is an angel

that bends over the tiniest blade of grass to

whisper grow grow. If you look closely you will see a man and a women in the top of the bouquet. Perhaps they represent out matriarchs and patriarchs from the beginning.

As if the last two years of the pandemic wasn't challenging enough, we now add the reality of the war Russia has raged against Ukraine. Both have limited our freedoms immensely. Our coping skills have been stretched to their limits. Some of us have had to add new tools to our kits as the old defenses have proven to not be enough. The news can be quite frightening. We are still compelled to listen . Depression and anxiety are ever present . Yesterday I visited a friend. We lay on the floor, relaxing and just talking stream of consciousness. We shared fears, anxs, counted our blessings and were grateful we could be so at ease with one another. Is there someone you can do that with? When was the last time you were together? Reach out and make the time. I'm certain that you will be glad you did.

We can make donations to help the Ukrainian people and their families, We can pray. I believe in the collective power of prayer . We can reach out to anyone who might be alone, worrying or has family in the throws of war. We can feel better when we have helped someone else.

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11. März 2022

thanks for viewing

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