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Self Care in a sea of summer or winter's hibernation

Self care is similar but varies by needs for each of us. It is also different for me as seasons change , times of life come and go and for different reasons. Positive thinking, learning, consistent physical activity, healthy quality food, hobbies, family ,friends and spirit beliefs make up self care for me. Right now I am in the sea of summer. Coffee with or in my garden is the way I start my day. I go out in to my yard and talk to the plants and flowers . I am always eager and happy to see how they have grown. I particularly enjoy picking greens ,cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers as my first meal of the day. I spent time painting, sewing, designing drawing , doing household chores, baking and catching up on correspondences. I find my way to our swim club each and every day. I sit on a noodle and bicycle and paddle my way around the pool for at least an hour sometimes even two! There are always lovely friends to engage in interesting conversation, have a few laughs and interact with. PVYC has been a haven for its members with activities and events galore: boating, pot luck themed suppers, live music , dancing , sail races, and more. Sometimes we bring supper down and enjoy it as we pontoon around the river. By the evening I gladly surrender to the couch. Quiet and peaceful time is essential for me daily.

When Covid began, my first thought was how important it would be for me to stay calm, busy and fulfilled. Replace the pool with snow shoes or skis, the green with winter yard art, and light salad with much hardier soups and stews. The one main difference if how much more light there is in the summer months. Winter brings a lack of light, low levels and vitamin D and sometimes SAD. It is a time when many animals hibernate. So do I!!! My solution is a vacation to a sunny warm climate. Getting away twice is even better.

How do you like to spend your winter days?

One area where I struggle is saving enough energy to get me through the whole day. Sometimes I put out too much energy and run out of steam. Back to the couch, but not in a good way. I am working on balance and even keel. Here too is where tuning in and any of the healing arts help provide healthy balance and rejuvenation.

So I ask you how you take care of yourself. Do you know the areas where you are already doing a super job? Do you know where you might need to do a little more work? There is a simple pie chart that helps you see this at a glance. Ask me. I will share it with you.

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