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As i look out the window into the woods, I see leafless trees and those leaves that continue to hang on to the branches although curly and brown. I am reminded of the beauty in nature that winter does provide. Crisp air, icy ponds, snow covered hills and twinkling lights are everywhere. They guide our way. They encourage our play, our laughter and a freedom that only comes this season. Let's all be sure to embrace this beautiful season.

I am certain that lights, greenery, gift exchanging , hospitality and generosity

are for


people no matter the size, shape, color or belief. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate: Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or no specific holiday, I hope each and every person reading this experiences any and all of the traditions I am mentioning.

When my son was little, I told him that we could celebrate all holidays that embraced peace and love. We could share holidays and traditions with friend and neighbors to learn about their customs and traditions. We also would share our way of celebrating as well. We loved making home made decorations, cookies and holiday ornaments.

I think it is a wonderful time to embrace our oneness. I hope you agree!!!

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