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This is why I share my art!!

A lovely gal saw one of my love heals pieces on line. We had never met. Although, I did pick up a bag of red bobbins at her door step a year early on a swap page. No one seemed to want them . I thought there must be something I can do with them!!

She reached out to me and asked if she could commission a piece of my work for a gift. I was excited to do so. Because I knew of her, I invited her to my home to see my in house gallery and learn more about my work and inspiration.

We had a terrific visit . As we talked, she share that a close friend had to cancel her wedding in India due to some health and treatment issues. I was emotionally moved by this story and eager to get working I decided to create three pieces and let her choose. We took time to conceptualize together. That gave me a clear vision of where to go.

I created backgrounds of the 3 together. I let spirit move me from there.

Yesterday I reached out to see how the gift was received. I was told "She cried when she saw it. " She absolutely loved it!!

I got a little teary . I was so happy and honored to be able to create such a gift. I hope I can do a lot more of this healing work. For now, I hung the other pieces in my at home gallery!! I hope they find their homes as well!!

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